Return To Void released their debut album today!

Return To Void, a progressive rock/heavy band, was established in Karhula, Finland in 2015. List of another projects of the band members, past and present, includes varied outings like KaihoroTotal DevastationManitouKreyskullGran TorinoDemonic Death Judge.

The winter 2015-2016 was productive time. Full album of songs was composed and rehearsed with ease. Off to the Studio Korkeakoski. There they recorded all drums with help of Studio Korkeakoski’s main man Teemu Aalto. The rest was done at the singer’s Railroad Records headquarters.

Their self-titled debut album is released today (April 26th 2017). Listen to the album on Spotify:

The band is currently working on their second album which is recorded later in the summer.

unnamed (3).jpg


Cover art by Juho Horppu. 

Track list: 
1. Throughout The Ages
2. Lightbearer
3. Vail Of Confusion
4. Consumer Heaven
5. Sight Of Immortal sea
6. All The Darkness
7. Human Alien Hybrid
8. Fools King
9. Liar
10. Return To Void

Vocals – Markku Pihlaja
Guitar – Saku Hakuli
Bass – Pasi Hakuli
Keys – Antti Huopainen
Drums – Kaarlo (Kalle) Kukkonen


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