DETHLIRIUM “Abuse Of Power” Lyric Video – “Asymmetrical Disorder” EP

The Spanish band DETHLIRIUM presents the lyric of the song “Abuse Of Power” featuring Ödemark of the norwegian The Third Attempt.
“Abuse Of Power” is taken from the  EP entitled “Asymmetrical Disorder” to be released this week thru Brutal Arratia Records.

“Asymmetrical Disorder” was recorded at Chromaticity Studios (Vhäldemar, In Thousand Lakes).

DETHLIRIUM is a Dark Thrash-Core band with influencies of Black y Death Metal
”Abuse Of Power” Lyric Video

1- Demential Sanatory (Intro)
2- I want Your Head Cut
3- Asymmetrical Disorder
4- Cerebral Dystrophy
5- Abuse of Power , feat Ödemark (The 3rd Attempt)

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