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REVIEW: Thormesis- Trümmerfarben

Thormesis- Trümmerfarben

Review by Ekaterina K. / Dark Art Conspiracy


Label:  MDD Records
 Release Date:  February 10th, 2017
 Genre:  Pagan Black Metal
 Country:  Germany
 Running Time:  55 min

After their impressive return in march 201 5 with their “Freier Wille – Freier Geist” album, the southern German Pagan Black Metallers THORMESIS present their fifth longplayer called “Trümmerfarben” in early 2017. Musically, they continue where they left off with the predecessor album. „Trümmerfarben“ is a logical progression of the chosen path. Great melodies in a vicious and frosty, black metal-worthy sound, pave the way through the songs. The album appears in an impressively Digi-Pack, illustrated by Hubert Dürr (Internus), while the cover has been done by Bloodboy.


„Trümmerfarben“pleases listeners with strong material at joint of pagan and black metal. Instrumental epic intro with this opus of Thormesis. Guitar work and composition in general are at a good level, and that’s album’s advantage. However, they are between genres they play, Thormesis, melodicism is inherent for song structures, standard for black metal tremolo riffs are diluted with solos and riffs themselves sometimes come close to the rock ‘n’ sound. It’s even possible to catch the notes reminiscent of Kvelertak, for example. Although there’s nothing original from technical and compositional point of view and structure in general is the same, from song to song, album sound solidly. Vocal – extremely intense high scream, in principle, is suitable for music, but becomes monotonous at some point. The use of clean vocals in the end “Waheelas Fährte” caused persistent association with Månegarm, and the song itself is the “hit” of the album. Well, it can be said, that Thormesis’ „Trümmerfarben“ successfully unites black metal rawness, pagan atmosphere and melodicism. Album is available via MDD Records.

Score: 4/5


Velsir: Vocals, Guitars
Travos: Vocals, Guitars
Berucas: Bass
O.D: Drums

1 . Intro – Aetas Nova
2. Trümmerfarben
3. Waheelas Fährte
4. Lodernd Flammen
5. Die Klagen der Einöde
6. Verblasst
7. In Stille wachen die Toten
8. Im Herbst trugen sie mich fort
9. Outro – Vale

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Thormesis

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THORMESIS set to release fifth album “Trümmerfarben” on February

German pagan black metallers THORMESIS are set to release their fifth full-length, Trümmerfarben”, on February 10th, via MDD Records.

The first track advance was the lyric video for “Waheelas Fährte”, which is now available on Youtube:

The album will contain 9 tracks with a playing time of 48 minutes and will be released on a noble Digipak.

On the occasion of the album release, two special release shows will take place on the second weekend of February. “Trümmerfarben” is now available for pre-orders on MDD’s online shop.

The complete tracklist can be found below:


THORMESIS: „Waheelas Fährte“ Video & Album Details
Thormesis veröffentlichen ihr neues Album „Trümmerfarben“ am 10. Februar über MDD Records.  Mit „Waheelas Fährte“ wurde nun ein erster Song des Albums in Form eines Lyric Videos bei Youtube veröffentlicht, für welches sich Hammerfilms verantwortlich zeigt.
Das Album wird 9 Tracks bei einer Spielzeit von 48 Minuten enthalten und als edles DigiPak veröffentlicht. Die finale Tracklist findet ihr anbei.
Aufgenommen und Produziert hat die Band den Longplayer in Eigenregie. Anlässlich der Albumveröffentlichung werden am zweites Februar Wochenende zwei spezielle Release Shows stattfinden, die PreOrder zum eindrucksvollen fünften Longplayer startet ab sofort im MDD Online Shop!
1. Intro – Aetas Nova
2. Trümmerfarben
3. Waheelas Fährte
4. Lodernd Flammen
5. Die Klagen der Einöde
6. Verblasst
7. In Stille wachen die Toten
8. Im Herbst trugen sie mich fort
9. Outro – Vale
Upcoming Shows:
10. Februar – 10. Februar – Frostfeuernächte 2017, Gräbendorf (near Berlin)
11. Februar – Adelsheim (+ SuidAkra, Imperium Dekadenz, Vargsheim, Delirium, Internus)
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