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Bloodstock Festival announces Gravil, watch the new video Detonate

Bloodstock Festival announces GraViL + watch ‘Detonate’ new music video

“Pure metal delivered with maximum vitriol. This band rules harder than Josef Stalin.” – Dom Lawson

Watch the new music video ‘Detonate’

The latest announcement by Bloodstock Open Air sees the London melodeath group Gravil confirmed for the prestigious Sophie Lancaster stage on Sunday 14th August. This new addition to the bill once again demonstrates Bloodstock’s commitment to championing new bands in the metal community.

“We are honoured to be a part of Bloodstock Open Air 2017” says Gravil vocalist Grant Stacey. “Each year this spiritual home of heavy metal somehow betters the year before. We have each spent a lot of time on the hallowed ground of Catton Park, witnessing stunning new bands, the earth shattering veterans of the main stage and embracing the metal music community that we have come to call our family.  Now we are privileged to grace the Sophie stage, whose very name represents the strength and pride of our brotherhood. See you there!”

2017 has seen a resurgence for GraViL. Their sophomore album ‘No More Forgiveness’ was released in May and has being going down a storm with media and the band’s fanbase. With various premieres by the likes of Metal Hammer, Scuzz TV, Terrorizer and more, GraViL have now unleashed the music video for elite track ‘Detonate’.
This new video clip shows the group in a high-octane performance which also features three versions of the mysterious woman, ‘Obliti’… the present broken self, a lost dream of grandeur and the self-loathing dark entity which destroyed it.
“‘Detonate’ is a personal song drawn from a negative situation”, explains Stacey, “The video captures the lyrics perfectly… it tackles loss, taking charge and using the anger, rage and sadness to triumph over the overwhelming paint that the loss entails… hence detonating.”
Whilst the song and video reflect important issues in our society, it didn’t stop the band from taking time out to have fun on set and inflict ‘crabcore’ on non-believers.
“On the way to the video shoot we discussed how low our guitarists get to the floor during live shows. Sparx (bass) mentioned it was called crabcore and a confused Charlie (Webster, guitar) refused point blank to believe there was such a thing. Like a red rag to a bull this spurred us onto mischief, leading to the band shouting “crab it” during the performance sections and band members having to get as low as physically possible to the floor without taking the soles of their feet off the ground.”
Gravil’s new album ‘No More Forgiveness’ is out now.
Gravil live:
23rd June – Coventry, Arches (w/ Metaprism)
8th July – Burnley, Sanctuary Rock Bar (w/ Metaprism, Today, They Are Older)
14th Aug – Bloodstock Open Air (Sophie Lancaster Stage)
More dates to be announced.
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REVIEW: GraViL- No More Forgiveness

REVIEW: GraViL- No More Forgiveness                                                                                         by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy


London based Melodic death metallers GraViL return with their follow up album to their successful debut ‘Thoughts Of A Rising Sun’ with more bite and depth with punishing new album, ‘No More Forgiveness’. The album deals with some heavy and personal issues such as loss, but tries to find strength amongst the negativity.

Opening song ‘Detonate’ gets things off to a colossal start, being explosive from start to finish, delivering a shattering fast paced tech metal offering, which is seriously melodic, aided by its atmospheric ambience.

‘I Am The Blood’ rages full speed ahead with wild impressive guitar work, and with the clean vocals mixed with harsh screamed sections, it makes for a perfect metal anthem, which is bound to go down a storm in the live environment. This is a must hear monstrous track which highlights their musicianship and craft further.

‘Plagues, Thieves and Murderers’ possesses a massive sound while ‘Choke In Silence’ is brimming with angst, and features slick and polished guitar work, making this one brutal hit.

‘Fractured, Divided’ is immediately grabs your attention with its melodic texture and definitely stands out. It displays a different dynamic and almost symphonic sound, especially with the help of Theresa Smith of Metaprism, whose vocals compliment frontman, Grant Stacey’s wonderfully, making this one unforgettable and powerful song, which deals with the very tragic topic of Stacey losing a baby in 2012, as you can imagine it is highly heartfelt.

Lead track ‘Decommissioned’ has an eerie atmospheric intro which builds up, before it fully erupts and is fuelled by anger, with crushing riffs and massive rhythms, packing a hefty punch both musically and lyrically, as it deals with betrayal experienced by the frontman on a wide scale.

Final and heaviest offering ‘One Eyed King’ certainly delivers the final blow, being far reaching and unstoppable, highlighting some of the hardest hitting riffs, in what is the most formidable way to end this speed ridden frenzy of an album.

All ten tracks are meticulously structured, emotionally charged and packed with brutality, and delivered at blistering speeds. There is endless amounts of passion and energy throughout which sees it soar and makes them a deadly and impressive unit. With just two albums under their belts, they are already a force to be reckoned with, and not a band to bury amongst the ever expanding metal genre.

Score: 5/5

‘No More Forgiveness’ is self-released on the 5th May 2017

23rd June – COVENTRY, Arches Venue (w/ Metaprism)

More tour dates to be announced soon!



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GraViL return with new single ‘Decommissioned’ / Sophomore album ‘No More Forgiveness’

The new GraViL album ‘No More Forgiveness’ is released 5th May 2017.

“Mammoth grooves from a technically advanced future” Metal Hammer

“GraViL showcase confidence with fantastic, blistering songs” Terrorizer

“Brutalising Tech Metal Wizardry” Kerrang!

With fire and no fear on their side, 2017 sees GraViL rise from the big smoke with the release of their new album ‘No More Forgiveness’ on 5th May.

Before the album drops, the band pulls no punches with the introduction of lead track ‘Decommissioned’.
Frontman Grant Stacey isn’t holding back with GraViL’s return to form, he said, “There is a massive sub-context of loss within the new album, with 2016 notably being a brutal year, however ‘No More Forgiveness’ pulls in a lot of strength from negativity that all too often engulfs our society and ways of life. It’s time to make a stand and do what’s right… and this is us, doing things right.”
GraViL’s new single ‘Decommissioned’ isn’t shy in coming forward, as Stacey notes, “It deals with betrayal on a huge scale. One of my favourite songs from the album, it’s really punchy and therapeutic, in a twisted kinda’ way!”

‘No More Forgiveness’ tracklisting:

1) Detonate
2) Are We Alive
3) I Am The Blood
4) Plagues, Thieves And Murderers
5) Locate The Traitor
6) Choke In Silence
7) Fractured, Divided
8) Decommissioned
9) Forever Is A Prison
10) One Eyed King
Pre-order ‘No More Forgiveness’ on iTunes / Get ‘Decomissioned’ instant download: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/no-more-forgiveness/id1204823503
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GraViL is:

Grant Stacey – Vocals
Tony Dando – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Charlie Webster – Rhythm Guitars
Sparx – Bass and Backing Vocals
Perrin – Drums
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