Re-Armed release new single and visualizer video for “Monoeyes”

Finnish melodic death metal act RE-ARMED release their new single and visualizer video for “Monoeyes”. The track follows the release of “As the Stars Align”, which is taken from their upcoming 20th anniversary EP “XX”, out on 27 January 2022 worldwide via Inverse Records. Purchase the track on all digital platforms and watch the visualizer video, which was made by Joona Jaakkola

Listen to “Monoeyes”:







The band comments on the new single:‘The lyrics paint the landscape with black and white – just as polarization erodes the democracy of our society. Some people tend to filter “answers to all questions” too much through their own social media bubble. In a nutshell, there’s always a way out; instead of fighting each other, we should be finding solutions together. Soundwise, the tension builds up as the song proceeds, creating a feeling of urgency and frustration, but yet still the track is more colorful than monochromatic vision that the lyrics paint at the first sight, just like life is in a reality – different kind of layers upon layers, catchy hooks here and there, without forgetting strong emotions..’ 

Watch the visualizer video “Monoeyes”. Available on YouTube:

“XX” EP’s track list:
1. As the Stars Align
2. Monoeyes
3. Beyond the Horizon (acoustic version)
4. Tomorrow
5. Ode to Life (symphonic version)
6. Evolve Cycle (arcade version)


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