KATHAROS XIII release Caloian Voices single

KATHAROS XIII present the first single taken off the band’s upcoming third studio album, PalindromeCalioan Voices is now available for streaming on YouTube 


“We couldn’t have chosen a longer song to open up the presentation of our new album “Palindrome”. All five songs are very well linked together so it was quite hard to pick the opener, we didn’t thought about the length, if the listeners will have the patience in this very speedy life that we are enjoying online, mostly…in fact we didn’t think about any conformity of expression in the musical world, if its right or appropriate, or this musical change, even if the same spirit of expression is there but the tools are different this time, so everything came like it is and we have no explanation about this what so ever, so if you have the time and patience listen to this fist piece, imagine, fly, breathe and be proactive if its possible to write a few words about it…”

Palindrome” will be available in early autumn through Loud Rage Music on a CD format with a special visual concept designed by Alexandru Das.

Katharos XIII

Loud Rage Music

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