Review: Theosophy – Eastland Tales pt 2

In autumn 2007 THEOSOPHY has recorded 5 songs for the debut demo. Musicians of famous local bands took part in that record session.

In 2008, russian label MUSICA Production has released these songs on the first Split-CD in label\’s history. THEOSOPHY and BIZARREKULT became participants of this release. The CD received good feedback and distribution in all parts of the world, from Brazil to Japan.

The first THEOSOPHY live show was planned in December of 2008 at the legendary festival \”Iron March”, organized and head-lined by thrash legends Korrozia Metalla, but the concert was canceled. As a result the band first hit the scene in 2009 at \”Only Metal Fest\” and draw attention of public. On the next show the band was one of headliners.

During spring and summer 2009 THEOSOPHY recorded several new songs. In September 2009 THEOSOPHY played as a support act with legendary HELHEIM during their visit to Siberia. In 2010, the band is going to concentrate on active live appearance with new program and release the debut full-length album on No Colours Records. CD has been called as “… out of decades”. In 2011, the band rehearses new program for the second full-length album. Album has been released on No Colours Records too.

Well, this album is well matched with bands’ place of origin – Siberia with it’s freezing and unfriendly climate. From the first track “Slaves of Destiny” with blastbeats and raw riffs dry and freezing sound catches the attention and didn’t give it back until the end of the acoustic outro – “The End of Tales”. Lightweight and beautifully sad, it says – yes,  Eastland Tales are gone. Though songs are composed in “standard” black metal style, in some places it crosses with the old-school thrash beats, as in “” for example. Tracks are shorter than in black metal they are used to be, so that’s also kind of trash metal influence.  Intense tracks are changed by slow ones, creating good sequence. In some raw riffs, some influence of Satyricon can be heard, for instance, in “Up To The Mountains”, which crosses with Satyricon’s “To the mountains” at some point. Overall it’s quite good album, if by goodness you mean quality, but still repetitive material, which was composed and played a lot of times. 4/5

Phantom – voice, bass

Egiborg – guitars

Svåarth – guitars

Eeks Eye– keyboards

Skinner – battery


  1. Slaves of Destiny
  2. Forces of Death
  3. At the End of Life
  4. My Hatred in My Hands
  5. I Saw a Star
  6. Buried in My Grave
  7. Up to the Mountains
  8. Riders of the Hellstorm
  9. Route to Light (321)
  10. The End of Tales

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