WDFD records announce new signing ‘Anonymous’, new album out in early 2018




WDFD Records Ltd are delighted to announce that Midlands-based rock band Anonymous have signed to the label, and will join THEIA in spearheading their plans to bring young purveyors of the classic rock sound to old and new listeners.

You can check out their video for ‘Gotta Get Out‘ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dk76jBe0CDw

“That’s more like it! Tight musicianship and well-constructed songs.”
Paul Anthony, Planet Rock 
“An authentic blend of Rock and Blues, featuring powerful vocals and clever songs
Birmingham Live Bands (BLB) 
“Infectious performances, with richly created chords, ear-smacking hooks and breaks, blended with plenty of dazzling guitar work.”
Music in Leicester Magazine 

The recently formed label has shown a clear intention to seek out bands who share common traits – great music and a hard work ethic of course, but also a desire to work with other bands for the greater good rather than in competition. The ethos of WDFD Records Ltd is “we are stronger together”.

The label has established contacts for their artists for a variety of services such as graphic art, PR, management, public liability and equipment insurance, legal services, merchandise, gig booking etc.
WDFD Records Ltd intends to support the grassroots scene by sponsorship of festivals, with NLC & Orange Amplifiers Festival, Stonedeaf Festival and Wildfire Festival already set to see a WDFD presence in 2018.

Keith Lamley, Managing Director WDFD Records Ltd said “I am absolutely thrilled to now have both THEIA and Anonymous under our wing. Both of these bands excite me greatly, are a pleasure to work with, and I am sure they both have a great future ahead of them.”

Anonymous are currently in the studio working on their first release through WDFD Records due out in the first half of 2018.

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