REVIEW: BRUME – ROOSTER by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy


California doom trio Brume have unleashed their anticipated debut album ‘Rooster’ which was produced by Billy Anderson. They have been honing their craft since the release of their 2015 EP ‘Donkey’ and this debut shows how they have sonically evolved and progressed.

The majority of the songs featured on this debut are quite hefty in sound and size, with most of the tracks coming in at nearly ten minutes. The opener ‘Grit and Pearls’ is one of the longest featured, at just over ten minutes and has a dark foreboding presence throughout and Susie’s haunting and beautiful vocals fit the atmosphere and backing perfectly. This is a great introduction and scene setter for the band and album which lulls you into a transcendent state of escapism.

Next song ‘Harold’ has a different feel to it, with a slightly more positive sound to it but with an ever present eeriness before the crushing instruments take hold.

‘Welter’ is very short compared to the other tracks. It is a sombre stripped back acoustic number with vulnerable vocals and soft guitars and helps add more diversity.

Closing song ‘Tradewind’ is the longest track at nearly twelve minutes long. It starts out mellow with beautiful delicate vocals before the massive chugging guitars come in, accompanied by soaring powerful vocals which you come to expect. It also further into the track features some great resonant and varied guitar work. The mood towards the end is perfect for a reflective closing that takes you through the motions.

This is a very sonic and atmospheric album which is well crafted, with its creeping slow doom crushing you from start to finish. Doom metal isn’t for everyone but this is more accessible than most offerings within this genre, making this a must hear.


Rooster is available on CD, cassette and digitally since April 20th from Brume drummer Jordan Perkins-Lewis’s fledgling label, Doom Stew Records. The 2xLP will be available in a variety of limited edition variants via DHU in July.


SCORE: 4/5

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