VIOLENT WISDOM releases demo-compilation “Dis-Order” via HTH Productions

HTH Productions is going to release “Dis-Order” – a compilation of demo recordings by Chicago’s thrashers VIOLENT WISDOM. The band provides brutal and straight-in-your-face type of thrash metal which will be praised by every fan of EPIDEMIC (CA), DEMOLITION HAMMER and SOLSTICE. Encyclopedists of metal might know that the band refers to QUICK CHANGE and TYRANT’S REIGN as Larry Dubs Anderson and Chris Nelken used to play in VIOLENT WISDOM.


Formed in 1990 by Rich East & Rich Canamar, VIOLENT WISDOM set out to be faster, louder & more brutal than any other band in their region at the time. Adding vocalist NIck Hernandez, bassist Art Hernandez, and drummer Craig Williamson, they soon proved to be a power house on the metal scene in the Midwest of the States. Recording their first demo “Mental Meltdown” set the pace for things to come selling over 500 copies in their region alone. In 1992 the band recorded “Ungentle Frenzy”, staying true to their brutal ways, The short EP sold out in two months. After a couple line-up changes the band recorded a third untitled tape and with poor distribution, members decided to go in different directions musically. 20 years later they are back together and the songs are devastatingly better than they were before. Loud, rude and heavy, the band is currently touring again.


Like many underground thrashers the band never made it big time but does it make the music worse? You know the answer. Now HTH Productions are proud to present a compilation called “Dis-Order”. Track-list of the compilation is as follows:


Demo 1993

01 – Origin Of Sin

02 – Facts Of The Nation

03 – Among The Massacre

“Ungentle Frenzy” EP 1992

04 – Desolation Solitude

05 – World of Hate 

06 – The Price of Insanity

07 – Time to Die

Mental Meltdown” Demo 1991

08 – Mental Meltdown 

09 – When I Hear You Scream 

10 – Price On Insanity


Although the sound quality isn’t great and wavy at times, the songs sound powerful and awesome as they were originally recorded. This is pure underground of the 90’s! Listen to the song “Facts of The Nation” here ( Pre-order your copy here ( ). Visit the band’s Facebook page (

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