Vile cynic


        Hailing from the windy, gritty city of Chicago comes Vile Cynic with their newest EP, agony. This is an intense listening experience that the metal heads are begging for. “ tools for the tormentor” comes out swinging and decimates the entire room. This maniacal and riff driven death mayhem is fueled by technical guitar playing, percussion insanity and the howls of their cynically wise “call it as i see” lyrical content. This song has killer dynamics, harmony guitars, and the instrumentation is incendiary. I don’t like to use that word, but it’s the only thing that comes to mind after listening to this for the thousandth time. I love the breakdowns, the beats, the lyrics, this is an aggressive fucking tune that will not get over.

The death charge of the tune “blood eagle”, is one of the fiercest “sorcerer” style death metal intros i have heard in a while. I love the drum work and the syncopation of the rhythm section as it builds to technical riffs on harmonies and it is like whiskey to my brain. The guitar and vocal work continue to get better and better on this album. The range of vocalist is off the charts, and if you love to scream along and/ or play this kind of music like I love, you will really appreciate this tune.

“Hell Priest”, continues on to charge the raid, with an epic dynamic driven intro, charged with a punk hardcore gallop, this song delivers the message of the devil. This tune definitely sits on the while horse, bringing the excellence of death and judgement to the masses. “ an end to agony”, which is almost a continuation of the previous tune, in terms of lyrical concepts.

 This band brings monstrous energy and killer musicianship to the table that any metal head, heavy addict of death metal will feast upon for days. I sincerely fucking love this EP. Damn, you need this one people. This is for fans of amon amarth, avatar, mayhem, behemoth, lamb of god, etc. In my opinion, this is one of the best bands and should be performing on the main stage of any metal feastival.

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