Italian female fronted melodic death metal band Bighate released a new music video!

Italian groovy melodic death metal band Bighate released a new music video Hybrid via Inverse Records. It’s a link between Death Wish EP (released in 2017) and an upcoming new album. 

Vocalst Heleonore comments:
“The topics covered tell about werewolves and ancient curses that give life to real black chronicles. Sound is close to Melodic Death Metal with modern influences.”
Bighate is formed back in 2014 by Andy and Heleonore. They tried to mix their different musical taste, basically bounded to death, thrash and groove metal, to reach a common point. Band is currently working on a full-length album.
“Hybrid” is available on all digital platforms worldwide.
unnamed (2).jpg
Single cover by @hel.dufreak
Andy LaMorgue (Composer/Guitar)
Heleonore LaMorgue (Lyricist/Vocals)
Daniele Baieri (Guitar)
Gumball Watterson (Bass)
Andrea “Tawah” Torre (Drums)


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