Akercocke Reveal New Video for ‘Insentience’

Akercocke, the celebrated masters of dark & twisted British extreme metal made their triumphant return in 2017 with their long awaited new new studio album Renaissance in Extremis and have released a new video for the track ‘Insentience’ from the acclaimed release.

Jason Mendonca explains the songs creation, development and the personal lyrical content  “‘Insentience’ was a weird addition to RiE. Most of the material for the album, Paul and I had written long, long ago. The music for ‘Insentience’ came to me while I was asleep. I woke up during the night on a number of occasions with riffs in my head. I then murmured the riffs into my cell phone (so as not to wake my neighbours) and went back to sleep. Hence the working title of the song was “Murmur”.

When I transcribed these riffs from the phone to the guitar, I realised that they worked together and ‘Insentience’ was born. I guess the song wrote itself really.

The lyrical content is particularly personal. The lyrics obliquely reference my past, the power of the amygdala, and the potential to return from the bleakest of places. It’s a song of hope really.”

Also available from Renaissance In Extremis the official promo video – One Chapter Ends For Another To Begin

Akercocke are revving up the Bedfont Death machine in preparation for some exciting festival performances following Desertfest at the weekend.

“We are providing something of a diversion from the usual fare. AK fans should prepare themselves for a journey through old and new. We’ve prepared some harrowing delights from days of yore that haven’t had an airing for many years. Expect violence. Expect the AK power-blast. Expect seagulls.”

“Later this year we will be returning to the awesome Graspop and Hellfest events to punish our European cousins once more. Additionally, we are all excited to have been invited to play the auspicious Brutal Assault festival in Czech.” Jason Mendonca

Catch Akercocke here:

22/06/18 – BE, Dessel, Graspop Metal Meeting – Marquee Stage @ 13:15 ( https://www.graspop.be )

23/06/18 – FR – Clisson – Hellfest – Altar Stage

(https://www.hellfest.fr )

8-11/08/18 – CZ, Fortress Josefov, Brutal Assault Festival

(http://brutalassault.cz/en )

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