HAMKA premiere new video

oday, French symphonic power metallers Hamka – featuring Spanish vocalist Elisa C. Martín (ex-Darkmoor) – premiere the new video “World War III.” The track hails from the band’s long-awaited second album, Multiversal, recently released via Fighter Records. See & hear Hamka‘s “World War III” video in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Formed back in 2003 by guitarist Willdric Lievin and Elisa C. Martín, Hamka released a demo called Exodus in 2004 and their debut album, Unearth, came out a year later, but

during the following years, the band was put on hold due to personal circumstances until, in 2013, it was resurrected with the addition of three new members and preparation of a second album entitled Multiversal, which was finished in summer 2017.

Released by Fighter Records on December 14th, Multiversal is a magnificent 14-song opus of top-quality symphonic power metal with ethnic influences. See & hear the brand-new video for “World War III” exclusively HERE.  A lyric video for “Earth’s Call” can be seen & heard exclusively HERE, courtesy of Legacy magazine, and the previously revealed first single “Inner Conviction” can be heard at Fighter‘s official YouTube channel HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

unnamed (2).jpg

Tracklisting for Hamka’s Multiversal
1. One-Way Journey to the Unknown
2. World War III
3. Earth’s Call
4. Hope
5. Inner Conviction
6. Dark Night Falls
7. Seaquest
8. Modern Cowboys
9. Burning Sands
10. The Path of Pharaohs
11. Orkanain’s Lands
12. Seed of a New World
13. Multiversal Universe
14. An End on Earth?


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