NUCLEAR WARFARE „Let The Hate Reign“ Videoclip & Album Tracklist

The new NUCLEAR WARFARE album, “Empowered By Hate”, is set to be released on August 4th via MDD Records. A video for the track “Let The Hate Reign”  is also available on YouTube which leaves no doubt that the motto for 2017 is nothing but “Thrash To The Bone”! “Empowered By Hate” features 10 tracks with a playing time of 40 minutes.

unnamed (49).jpg

1. After The Battle
2. Let The Hate Reign
3. Hata Com Faca
4. Fear
5. Warlust
6. Bite Of The Viper
7. Half Truths
8. A Nice Day
9. Nuclear Warfare
10. Thrash To The Bone

Nuclear Warfare Facebook:
Album PreOrder @ MDD Shop:

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