REVIEW: Nightland – Obsession

Review: Nightland – Obsession by Ekaterina K. / Dark Art Conspiracy


NIGHTLAND released their first EP “Knights Of The Dark Empire”, which had a great success among the audience, especially for its release party in Bologna (31st October 2011) in which they used for the first time scenographic elements. Back in studio, Nightland recorded their second EP named “In Solemn Rise”, that will be released in December 2012.

On the next album, called “Obsession” they changed their folk/power sound towards more aggressive one with bombastic orchestrations on the edge of Symphonic and Death Metal. As press-release states, album sounds dark, dramatic, sometimes unearthly with majestic musical digressions. The musical concept behind “OBSESSION” is a deep romance concerning the instability of the human mind derived from fears, obsessions and paranoia.  So, how does the band shape this into music?

It all starts with an intro “Benediction to Madness” leading to the “Tolkinish” epicness, suitable as a soundtrack for some heroic and battle movie. It gives a hunch of what solemn and huge orchestrations should we expect during the whole album. Worthy to mention, that all of them are perfectly written and fit into the main instruments. Nor orchestrations, nor drums, bass or guitars are above one another, their sound stays on the same level and are perceived equal in a perfect harmony. Choir parts are good example of bringing even more solemnness to symphonic parts and sound still isn’t overloaded, despite of having a lot layers of different instruments and details in the music canvas. Symphonic work echoes with the ones of Hollenthon or even Epica at some point, whose parts are “lighter”. Or some power and folkish elements as in “Last Dance of Treacherous Mind” reminding Turisas.  Carcass of intense riffs is still strong and don’t lose in between symphonic parts. They remind listener that the core genre is Death metal with its riffs, volumetric bass and aggressive drum work.

Nighland’s “Obsession” is good example of merging symphonic music with more aggressive one. As the result, we received strong and balanced album with 9 absolutely different songs with complex structure. Great work done, but regarding that it’s a debut album (even re-released with bonus-tracks) , it’s value rises.


  1. Benediction to Madness
  2. Dreamless Life
  3. A.R.E.S.
  4. Icarus
  5. Alpha et Omega
  6. Cradle of Sufferance
  7. Obsession
  8. Quod Vita Celat, Mors Revelat
  9. Last Dance of a Treacherous Mind
  10. A.R.E.S. (Orchestral)
  11. Icarus (Orchestral)

SCORE: 5/5.

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