REVIEW: Death Blooms – Death Blooms EP

REVIEW: Death Blooms – Death Blooms EP                                                                                  by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy


Alternative UK metal quartet Death Blooms look to turn heads with their impressive self-titled debut EP.

First song ‘Hate:Die’ has a manic vibe, especially with sinister whispered sections repeatedly saying “Then hate, then die” throughout. Featuring sonic edgy hard hitting guitars, and a superb melodic clean vocal chorus mixed with fierce screams from frontman Paul Burrows, this is an electrifying dark introduction to Death Blooms.

Next up is the anthemic ‘Last Ones’ which is a mighty offering with massive guitars, fast drums and plenty of depth, it simply soars, especially through its extremely catchy chorus, which seems to be their forte and they waste no time asserting this.

Lead single ‘I’m Dead’ strikes even harder, turning the brutality up a notch and firing off at blistering speeds, again with an urgent frantic feel driving it and sublime singalong sections, making this the perfect song to be at the forefront of this release.

Final offering ‘Sick’ rampages on and is infectious, it will have you head banging in a heartbeat. The effective use of contrasting and dual vocals is executed wonderfully yet again, as seen in the EP’s entirety. They close this stunning debut EP in a very dynamic and high impact way, with the song over before you know it, firing rapidly and leaving you eager for more.

In just four songs they manage to leave you in awe, with their exhilarating well rounded first release, they may have already established themselves as one of the best new modern metal acts going, which is a serious accolade for a debut. Death Blooms most definitely have a bright and expansive future ahead.


Score: 5/5

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