REVIEW: Ande – Het Gebeente

Review by Ekaterina  K / Dark Art Conspiracy

Ande is a Belgian one man black metal project that started in early 2015. It’s a personal way to honour black metal that was, is and will be. The first release “Licht” is published at the very end of 2015.
In 2016 a new track “Zoer” was published through the “Merchants Of Air Year 2” compilation. The second album “Het Gebeente” will be available early 2017.
Ande’s “Het Gebeente” meets us with dark cover painted in grey and blue shades, and already creates somber atmosphere, which can be perceived through the whole album. “Het Gebeente” begins with slow and short piano intro, which turns sharp into the next song – “Argwaan”. It begins with dirty sound riffs and typical for a bit plastic black metal blast-beats. Although it can be considered primitive when it begins, but after careful listening it must be said – no, it’s definitely not.

Though guitar parts are typical for this genre and nothing original had been invented, they are not boring or toneless. The melody and tempo is often changed during all the songs, when fast aggressive riffs abruptly lose their speed and changed by slow, and kind of leisurely ones, let’s say. Wall of riffs gave its place to melancholic clean guitar in the middle of “Leeg” and then continues its dense march with croaking vocal, screaming from afar. Vocal is pushed onto the background and gave the impression “Het Gebeente” ends with ambient thing “Uittrede”, which matches as perfect close to this release. Dense raw black with atmospheric breeze sounds like good continuing for Ande.

Score: 4/5


1. Intrede
2. Argwaan
3. Gebukt
4. Oud en Vet
5. Leeg
6. Uittrede

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