Varsovie releasing a new single

French Varsovie released a new single “Le lac” from the upcoming album “Coups et Blessures” . Album will be out 11th of May via Sundust Records.

As band explains: “It is basically an exercise on the notion of blackout and the progression of a strange and disturbing night, between loss of memory, anxiety and excitement. On the background, it is as well the feelings of a relationship, of a duo, of a couple of circumstances or not.- Throughout the song, someone is talking to another (directly or in thoughts, it matters not). The speaker seems to be falling apart and pulling his interlocutor in his downfall, so much that one is unable to tell if it is a criminal issue, a love or sex story, or even a blend of all these. A more or less wilful headlong rush portrayed by liquid elements and the impossibility to move backwards.
In a nutshell, this song tastes like a toxic, violent and spiral-shaped relationship from which one gets satisfaction while conscious of his downfall and loss. Musically, the song rhythmically follows all these in the tension, dizziness and emergency of the game, with a final slowdown to personify giving up, abdication and drowning.”
Listen to “Le Lac” on
Deezer – Spotify

“Coups et Blessures” is now available for pre-order on digipack cd and vinyl via SUNDUST RECORDS at :

And in digital version on iTunes

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