Finnish Extreme Metal band Enragement released album “Burned, Barren, Bloodstained”

Finnish, Helsinki-based extreme death metal band Enragement released their second album “Burned, Barren, Bloodstained” today via Inverse Records. Listen to it on Spotify: 

A conspicuous music video was released earlier from the track “Blood For The Sun God” and it is available here:

The band have influences from various styles such as technical, brutal, old school and slam death metal, black metal and grindcore. There are three equal-footed growlers in the band which makes them very versatile. The album was recorded at Suomenlinnan Studio by Viktor Gullichsenin (Brymir) and he is also featuring in the album’s opening track “River Of Corpses”


Track list:
01. River of Corpses 

02. Dead Flesh Treasury 
03. Raining Bodyparts 
04. Mass of a Thousand Suns 
05. Divine Catatonia 
06. Ashen Unity 
07. As the Acid Burns 
08. To Become Earth 
09. Blood for the Sun God 
10. Armed Redeemer 

11. Smite the Impure

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