Batushka Lawsuit Update & One Side Releases New Music


The bizarre split of two sides claiming to be the real Batushka continues and we have another update about the situation. Batushka guitarist Krzysztof Drabikowski (the founder and creator who we did an exclusive interview with here: and vocalist Bartłomiej Krysiuk both claim to be the real Batushka.

The latest update comes from the court which ruled that vocalist Krysiuk should cease releasing any new music or performing under the name Batushka while the case is ongoing and Drabikowski shared this update online, confirming his true claim and seeing it as a victory. Following this, Krysiuk and the Metal Blade Records-signed version of Batushka issued a statement saying that, the court’s ruling is a temporary injunction based only on Drabikowski’s version of events and makes no ruling about the case as a whole, Krysiuk plans to countersue Drabikowski for causing harm to Batushka’s current business, and the Krysiuk-led version of Batushka does not plan to honour the court decision anyway and will continue to release music and perform live.

Here is the court decision:


Following that there is another later statement issued by an attorney on behalf of Krysiuk:


This new statement above was posted a few days ago on the 10th May regarding the intentions of Krysiuk’s side and then the day after (yesterday) on the 11th May, Krzysztof Drabikowski retaliated by releasing new music under the Batushka name on YouTube.  Check out the new song below:


We will continue to share the latest on the Batushka story as news comes in.

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