by Carina Lawrence/ Dark Art Conspiracy

Modern melodic death metallers Allegaeon from Colorado, US quickly established themselves in the metal scene, less than a year after their formation and releasing their self-titled EP they signed with Metal Blade Records in 2009 and they have been going strong ever since. They are currently working on their fifth anticipated album and touring with Ne Obliviscaris in Europe so I caught up with guitarist Greg Burgess to discuss this and more…

So you guys formed a decade ago now back in 2008, can you tell us about how the band came to be?

I moved to Colorado in 2007, to get my masters degree in Classical Guitar Performance, at Lamont School of Music. While I was prepping for school I spent my days practising and looking for a band to join. Every band I contacted wasn’t really interested until Allegiance sent me a message on MySpace.  At that point, it was a whole different group of guys. The lineup shifted until right before we tracked our self-titled EP and we changed our name to Allegaeon.

How did you arrive at your name?

We changed our name due to litigation letters we received by 3 different bands called Allegiance. We were at a point where we had somewhat of a local following and didn’t want to lose them entirely so we tried to keep it as similar as possible. Also, we never wanted to have to change our name again so we just threw vowels at it. The name is completely made up and means absolutely nothing.

What would you say are some of your main musical and creative influences right now?

This would deviate heavily from member to member. However, for myself, there’s a lot of the Gothenburg scene and prog rock that factors into my writing.

How excited are you to tour with Ne Obliviscaris in UK/Europe and what can fans expect from your live shows?

For myself personally, this has been a dream of mine, my whole life. I think I’m slightly unnerving the guys with how happy I am, and how I’ve been acting with this tour in mind. I think people are going to see that in our performance. I’ve waited 11 years in this band to do this, every show is special, every show is a first. We’re playing really well and we’re so excited to be on this tour, I think people will see us at the top of our game.

You have just recently finished touring with Nekrogoblikon in the US on Dank Memes Tour, how was it for you and have you got any favourite moments from it you want to share?

I think we were blown away with how well how well that tour went. Think we had a total of 9 sold out shows on that tour, with a huge amount if fans gained. I’ll say that for me personally I was way impressed by how good the three performers in Rings of Saturn are, and how amazing the guys in Lorna Shore are. I’ve always never got on with guys in Deathcore bands, but they were great human beings, and I loved seeing them every day. Our last show when John Goblikon wore our crab suit and came out in 1.618 was way special for us as well.

Earlier this year you released a cover version of Rush’s ‘Animate’ and in the past you done another Rush cover song of ‘Subdivisions’, what was it like to record these and what made you decide to cover these particular ones?

Well, when we decided to cover Rush, I couldn’t pick which song I wanted to do,  so we just recorded both of them. Originally one was for Europe and the other Japan, as bonus tracks. Metal Blade loved Subdivisions so much, they wanted it on the record, so we just held onto Animate for later.

Do you think you will release any other cover versions or are there any you are considering?

We have discussed doing a record of covers, but choosing the songs will be difficult, we wanna make them our style but keep the spirit intact.

How is the fifth album coming along, can you give us any details on this?

We are mostly done writing it. A few solos and lyrics left to go, and the orchestra stuff to sort but we’ll be ready for June when we track it.

How would you say your sound has evolved since you first started out?

From The EP it has definitely gotten more techy, but I think we’ve also become better songwriters. Line up changes have helped us streamline who we are as A band, but previous guys helped set a blueprint from where we can continue to evolve a bit.

What else is in store for Allegaeon for 2018?

After Europe, we will record album number 5. Shoot some music videos, and tour a lot. We’re having so much fun as a band now, we’re very excited about the future.

Greg Burgess (Guitarist) – Allegaeon

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