AOSOTH Release Second Studio Srailer

French black metallers AOSOTH are in the process of recording their fifth studio album, and today they have released a new trailer. It’s available here:

AOSOTH started recording their new album in July, 2016. Its release date has been shceduled for 2017 on Agonia Records, while its title is yet to be revealed.

The band’s two-track EP “IV” was released last October on Agonia Records. It serves as bridges between their fourth full-length record “IV: Arrow In Heart” (2013), and the upcoming one.

More details will follow soon.

Upcoming shows:

16.02.2017 Reykjavík @ Oration Mmxvi, ISL (with Mgła, SvartIdaudi, Sinmara)

21.10.2017 Bucharest @ Rites of Black Mass II, RO (with Blaze Of Perdition)

First trailer:

AOSOTH on-line:

Agonia Records:

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