Fraser Edwards – “I Am God”

Fraser Edwards – “I Am God”


 Label:  Self-Released
 Release Date:  November 22nd, 2016
 Genre:  Power Metal
 Country:  Scotland
 Running Time:  38 min
Fraser Edwards

1. Alone
2. Custom Built
3. Mentalist Brigade
4. 12 Variations (On Nyan Cat) Pt 1 – Edward Snowden
5. So Many People
6. Everdream
7. I Am God
8. Geography of Time
9. God Complex

The physical CD will also include the bonus instrumental track ‘Dawn of the Shred ‘

The debut album I Am God is an amalgamation of all the styles Fraser Edwards has mastered over the years with an emphasis on melody and strong vocal hooks. Typically characterized as ‘Pop Metal’ and with strong power metal roots, Fraser Edwards‘ music is a high energy musical extravaganza, a demonstration of pure instrumental mastery and layered lyrical themes. Far from just a studio project, Fraser Edwards is ready to enter the live arena immediately with a full band line up and a huge stage show.

#againstpr #darkartconspiracy


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