Bloodrainbow (Hungary) new album release: Upheaval!

Neoclassical Power Death Metal with Trumpet, Saxophone, other wind instruments and grind. Lets listen here new release: Upheaval!

Atmosphere of South American Fiesta, Russian and North African Battlefields…the Hungarian Ancestors are back!

Bloodrainbow was formed in 2002 with clear conceptions and visions from the beginning. Bloodrainbow’s metal alloy consisted of the brutality of Florida’s death metal and the melodic leads of the Scandinavian (Gothenburg) bands. Bloodrainbow debuted 2003, from that time they’re gigging in Hungary and abroad. In the same year Bloodrainbow released two albums: first the two track single ‘Gateway to the Ancient Grounds’ and second the four track EP ’In the Depths of Pangeas Ancient Caves’, which were the basics for the ‘Lethal Message’ album (released 2004). Curiosity of ‘Lethal Message’ was the thick sounded remake of the Iron Maiden’s song ‘Flight of Icarus’. In Spring 2005, Bloodrainbow began to arrange their second full album, which contained more complex-structured songs.

During the next 3 years, Bloodrainbow played many gigs, including 2004’s Undead Extreme Metal Festival with Vader, 2005’s Undead Extreme Metal Festival (June) with Dissection and Rotting Christ. A few months later, Bloodrainbow played with Vital Remains. The next year (2006) in May the band played in Poland and Czech Republic. Summer 2006, Bloodrainbow signed a contract with Vic Records from the Netherlands, which contained the release and promotion of ‘Smelteries of Damnation’, to be released 2007. The album cover art and booklet is done by art master Hjules (Gravedigger, Sin of Kain, Annihilator, Memory Garden). One of their tracks, ‘ Family in Coma’, was featured on the Hungarian Metal Hammer Magazine’s extra CD, March 2006. The same year this song was added to the free CD of UK’s Terrorizer Magazine celebrating its 150th issue. Bloodrainbow shot their first video winter 2006/2007 for the track; ‘Death Grind Renaissance’ from the ‘Smelteries of Damnation’ album. The album will have a multimedia section containing that video clip.

After 10 years here is the new album: BLOODRAINBOW UPCOMING ALBUM: UPHEAVAL (2016)

Official youtube channel(you can listen full album):

Official Facebook:


1. Born ofGods
2. Debauchery, fall, expulsion
3. Outcast from Eden
4. Harpoon and Sonar
5. Stalingrad
6. Rolling sand of Alam Halfa
7. Indestructible armor
8. Conquistadors

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