Discouraged Records, the label based in Umeå, Sweden, celebrated 10 years as a label last year. Now, they finally release a sequel to their very first release – the compilation “Northern Conspiracy – Volume 1”. The album consisted of 24 tracks and featured artists like Randy, Totalt Jävla Mörker, Borg 64, Mattias Alkberg, Smackdown and more.
“Northern Conspiracy – Volume 2” contains a wide range of artists, just like its’ predecessor, artists from their own label and other bands they simply think are awesome. Mixing fast and slow, melodic and progressive. Most of the bands are from Discouraged Records’s hometown of Umeå, but they invited bands from Skellefteå, Luleå, Stockholm and Malmö as well.
The return of Northern Conspiracy sees a new dawn in the label’s history and we’re working with volume 3 alongside other exciting releases as we speak. Keep your eyes open!

Label: Discouraged Records
Release Date: December 21st, 2016
Genre: –
Country: Sweden
Running Time: 59 min

Tracklist :
01 Grid – Shackled (Unreleased)
02 Kira – Pelarhelgon
03 Ghamorean – With Hades Entwined
04 Pray For Locust – Bat Country
05 JZZBLK – Ghetto Mission
06 This Gift Is A Curse – Hamnskiftaren (edit)
07 Crowdburn – Sign Away Your Life
08 Inevitable End – The Leatherface Cronicles
09 Angel With No Arms – Sick of This Shit (Unr
10 Volger – Vidunder
11 Lahey – Iraqi Driving Instructor
12 System Annihilated – World Vs Me (Unrelease
13 Borg 64 – Kill Screen
14 Terrortory – Pestiferous Haven (unreleased)
15 The Pookie Syndrome – KAOS
16 The Arson Project – Forgotten Graves
17 Moloken – I Dig Deeper (edit)
18 Lonely Grave – Simian Laughter

#againstpr #darkartconspiracy

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