Spectral – “Arctic Sunrise”

Spectral – “Arctic Sunrise”

Spectral from the Vulkaneifel are one of the constant, active and hard Metal Band in the German Underground.
Founded for over twenty years on the 14. January 1995 released the self appoíntet Black Viking Metaller their first three Albums in self government. Especially Barbaric Assault (2001) and Dawn of Gods (2004) could attract attention.
After this Spectral signed by the austrian Label CCP and released between 2007 and 2012 the albums „Stormriders“, „Evil Iron Kingdom“ and „Gateway to Death“. All of these Releases had a good or very good reviews in underground zines and bigger magazines. Especially Gateway to death was celebratet with very good reviews from the Rock Hard, Metal Hammer, etc. Spectral playing after the releases many concerts in the underground and some Festivals (Dong Open Air, A Chance for Metal Festival… etc.), to prove the excellent Albums on stage.

After a long time when the Line up was contstand, change the positions on the Guitar and Bass.
Aggressor and Excrementor leave the Band to concentrate their on the jobs they have. They were replaced by Loki on the guitar and Svonjund on the Bass, they unsuperable bringing fresh blood in the band. This is heared on the brandnew
Arctic Sunrise Album and especially Teutonlord takes the Songwriting in his hand. Measure for the new songs were the previous work. Under heavy influence of Metal and Alcohol was rehearsed. It have come out, eight new Tracks, which were an extension of the to date above sound. It was an further development of the unique Style, with even more Atmossphere, even more Metal and even more Aggrssiveness. This result of many beer, sweat and Metal has been recorded in june 2014 once again in the Gernhart studios. After the recordings of Arctic Sunrise the line up change again, The Drummer Destructor and Loki on the guitars left the Band. Advantageous was that the keyboarder Gabbelz in the past playing drums and he replaced Destructor.

Due to the elapsed time deal with CCP Records, was founding a matching Label in BOERSMA RECORDS to release the new masterpiece ARTIC SUNRISE.

Release Date Arctic Sunrise: 13.01.2017 BEWARE THE ARCTIC SUNRISE!

Label: Boersma – Records
Release Date: January 13th, 2017
Genre: Hard Metal
Country: Germany
Running Time: 40 min

Exkrementor – Bass
Destructor – Drums
Agressor – Guitars
Teutonlord – Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Vidar – Vocals
Hendle – Guitars


1 Intro
2 Arctic Sunrise
3 Evil Takes Control
4 Invaders
5 Nuclear Assault
6 In Battle With Fire & Stee
7 Path Of The Damned
8 Vengeance In Blood
9 Fuck Off And Die

#againstpr #darkartconspiracy

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